Spacer FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions


Safety Questions

Are your billet wheel spacers and adapters safe?
Do the bolt-on wheel spacers or adapters increase the load on suspension parts?
Are slip-on wheel spacers safe?
Will my studs break if I use bolt on wheel spacers or adapters?


Performance Questions

Why should I buy Performance Wheel & Tire’s premium spacers and adapters?
Can I use your spacers or adapters for racing or rock crawling?
Will your wheel spacers and adapters cause vibrations?
What is the crush test rating of your wheel spacers?


Technical Questions

Can you build your spacers and adapters in steel?
I have wheels that have a different number of studs. Can you machine wheel adapters to let me use the wheels?
Should I use anti-seize on the studs? Will it cause the lug nuts to loosen easier?
Can I use an adapter for 10 lug semi-truck wheels to my 8 lug pickup truck?
Can you machine spacers and adapters thinner than 1 inch?


Sales Questions

Can I try out different spacer and adapter thicknesses?
Can I return custom spacers and adapters if they don’t fit?
How long will it take to machine the custom wheel spacers and adapters?
Do your billet spacers and adapters come with lug nuts?
I still have questions where can I get them answered?

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