Used Tires Denver

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Used Tires Denver

Used Tires Denver

Where do used tires come from?

Our used tires selection comes from customers just like you. Weather it is just buying a new vehicle that we need to take the old used tires off and put some new bigger or even smaller tires on. The used tires are a great way to trade and lower the price of purchasing new wheels and tires.

We also get our used tires from factory OEM dealerships. If a dealer wants to put new wheels and tires on a showroom vehicle we are able to take the original equipment wheels and the not very used tires off the vehicle and offer them to the general public at a great savings over purchasing direct.

We inspect all our used tires for safety they all go through our five point inspection
  • Tread – Check for any forign objects
  • Bead – Check for mounting tears or irugeraliarity
  • Wear – Check for misaligned wear
  • Life – Ensure the tire is within the seven year lifespan
  • Overall appearance – Does the tire look in good condition
  1. Tom

    Looking for used 225/50/16, need 2

  2. vik

    i need a factory rim for 1995 chev monte carlo z34. price and availability please

    • Mallek

      $135 aluminum/ $55 steel can get it in 2 days

  3. Matt Maxwell
    Matt Maxwell12-30-2012

    Need used tires

    • Mallek

      we have lots in stock

  4. tom miller
    tom miller12-30-2012

    I am looking for 4 used tires for my 2006 f-350.

    • Mallek

      I have a few sets of 16″ used tires, I do have a lot of 18″ tires if we want to change the wheel a little

  5. Jesse

    looking for good used 235/75/15 for my 88 Trooper…..would like as aggressive as I can find. Please let me know. Thanks!

    • Mallek

      that is a hard size, I do get them in but they go fast, give us a call 303-934-2929 and we can put a hold on some for you

  6. Bob Brown
    Bob Brown01-07-2013

    Trying to locate (4) used 17″ rims, for a Acura TL built in June 2011, however they call it a 2012. Require cost & shipping to Seattle, Wash.
    Look forward to your reply.

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